Monday, October 29, 2012

Missional Community Seminar

We recently had a Missional Community Seminar to help introduce the concept of Missional Communities at Trinity Presbyterian Church. I've broken the seminar up into 4 sessions that last for a total of just over an hour. If you're interested at all in getting involved or starting your own Missional Community, then start here!

Session 01 provides a foundation for the shift in church models. Session 02 provides the basic information behind what a Missional Community is and does. Session 03 is on the goals of these Missional Communities. Session 04 examines the practical steps to starting a Missional Community.

Session 01

Session 02

Session 03

Session 04

This is a very condensed version of the wealth of information out there about Missional Communities. For a more thorough explanation from the experts. Check out 3DM and Soma Communities.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Whole Hearted Worship

Greg Ogden states that “The functions of the church have been variously defined as teaching, fellowship, outreach, and worship.  Of these important functions, honoring God through worship is the church’s primary purpose, because it is our eternal vocation.” 

As the body of Christ, it is our primary call and purpose to whole heartedly worship God; it is our life’s purpose, so it's no suprise that this is one of Trinity's core beliefs.  We do this because He is totally and completely worthy.  Sometimes we think that worship is just music or singing in church, but true worship is something that we do all the time.  It is in our hearts and our attitudes.  It is in our acknowledgement that we are not God and that we don’t do things our way, but that we acknowledge all that God is and we give up our self-lordship.  When we understand this, then we keep ourselves from getting caught up in different styles of worship or worship practices, and we acknowledge that though we may prefer a particular style of worship and that is perfectly acceptable, that our entire lives should be an act of worship. 

So as we approach the start of a new service at Trinity, Oasis, that will seek to have a different worship style to reach more people, the thing that is the most exciting is not that there will be another style of worship offered at Trinity, but that there will simply be another opportunity for God’s people to gather together and do what we were created to do, worship our God, who is worthy!