Wednesday, July 9, 2014

McKenzie Simmler's Story of Haiti

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My experience in Haiti was amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to Haiti, and it was such a blessing to have had this opportunity. Each day I woke up smiling to the sound of children laughing and singing at the school next door.  Then through each day we met more and more smiling, happy, loving, welcoming faces. The Haitian people have taught me valuable lessons, and shown me what this life is really all about. They have taught me to accept anyone and everyone. I learned that no matter how many “things” you have, God will always be enough, and that the key to happiness is giving. The people are beautiful, the country is beautiful, and they have made a beautiful impact on me. What shocked me most was how giving they were. Even with what little they have they were always trying to give something. I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone, no matter where you are in your walk with God.

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